Our program is organizing international an Autumn Expert School, hosted in a different collaborating country each year. The Autumn Expert School brings together academic researchers and practitioners working on questions related to shared-society development, offering opportunities for cross-fertilization between theory and practice. Each year, the program team exposes a research theme in order to explore new perspectives and transdisciplinary approaches to think about certain aspects of Shared Society.

Through academic lectures with senior experts, panel discussions, academic forums to discuss ongoing PhD projects, practitioners’ skill-building roundtables, field-tours, workshops and Open Space sessions with local leaders, participants will enhance their expertise on challenges, approaches and best practices for building a shared society. Representatives from other organizations engaging in similar work will be invited to provide feedback, critical comments and to share their experience with the program team and the host organization. In addition to advancing innovative research and collaborative knowledge on the specific theme, the Autumn Expert School will enable the participants to learn about the complex challenges and best-practice experiences in the respective country. New findings and knowledge will be gathered in annual reports, publications and edited volumes.

Autumn Expert School October 2 – October 8 2018 (Israel, Givat Haviva)  

With Israel as a host country, and moreover – as the Autumn Expert School will be held in the campus of Givat Haviva, a leading organization in Israel in conducting cutting-edge shared society programs among Jews and Arabs – the Autumn Expert School will be located in a social setting that witnesses both significant inter-group polarization and shared society building efforts. The Autumn Expert School aims at building good and solid grounds for an international network and transdisciplinary learning community on Shared Society.

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