The student group ‘StartKo’ is the entrepreneurship club of Uni-Koblenz, an initiative by the students of the University of Koblenz-Landau (Koblenz).

This group is the place for collaboration among the students who are interested in establishing own businesses, becoming co-founders, working with new ideas, taking social initiative or any sort of entrepreneurial activities. It is an interdisciplinary student group and any student from any background can join the group.

Upcoming Events

  • Pitch workshop 28.02.2020 – 18.00


StartKo as a club, performs different types of activities which include the activities involving all students as well as the activities involving only the club members.

  • Skill development meetup
  • Workshops with experts for developing entrepreneurial skills
  • Meet-ups with students from different universities
  • Meet-ups with students from Uni-Koblenz
  • Idea discussion session among the group members
  • Team building activities (watching movies, cooking, hiking, travelling etc.)
  • Helping any student from any university to find a co-founder
  • Meet-ups/workshops with the industry leader to explore specific industries

If any student wants to arrange any types of event or workshop or meetup which is related to entrepreneurship in general, StartKo is always willing to help making it successful.


It is very easy to be part of the club. Just send us an email at ‘startko@uni-koblenz.de‘. We can add you to our whatsapp group where you will find many entrepreneurial and like minded students.

You can be involved in any one way of the following –

  • Active volunteer : You will be participating in organizing, planning events and other organizational activities of the club.
  • Occasional volunteer : Occasionally you will be volunteering for your favorite event.
  • Participant : You will be in touch through whatsapp and other social media group and will be participating in different events.

In the email, please let us know which type of involvement you prefer. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Please contact us at : startko@uni-koblenz.de