At the heart of a dynamic and ever-evolving global startup landscape, ZIFET (Central Institute of Scientific Entrepreneurship and International Transfer) of the University of Koblenz has pioneered an innovative e-learning course: Germany-Africa Startup Consultant. This initiative is an integral part of StArfrica, a project dedicated to establishing a robust startup bridge between Germany and Africa.

Course Overview

The primary goal of this course is to equip African startup consultants with nuanced insights tailored to the German market. The course is specially curated for Knowledge and Technology Transfer Officers (KTTOs). This encompasses a broad spectrum of professionals, from university entrepreneurship professors to startup hub managers, and from entrepreneurs to the supporting staff within the startup ecosystem.

Application flyer

Over a span of 12 weeks, participants delve into three modules:

  1. Entrepreneurship (Module 1): Theoretical Foundations and Practice Recommendations
  2. Startup in Germany (Module 2): How to Start a Business in Germany (incl. Best Practices of EXIST and the EXIST Startup Grant)
  3. Startup Consulting (Module 3): How to Become a Good Startup Consultant

Moreover, participants are continuously challenged to ideate innovative business solutions that address global issues. They refine these ideas into actionable business models and formulate strategies for international market entry, using Germany as a prime case study.

Digital Learning with a Personal Touch

Starfrica German-African Business Community Platform

The course is hosted on StArfrica’s German-African Business Community Platform. While digital learning forms the course’s backbone, it’s enhanced by interactive live virtual sessions, ensuring participants have a holistic learning experience. The flexibility of the platform allows participants to learn at their own pace, accessible 24/7 on any internet-enabled device.


Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch, the curriculum thrives on participant feedback, constantly evolving to enhance the user experience. In a mere eight months since its inception, the certificate has seen enrollment from over 141 startup consultants spanning 15 countries. The maiden cohorts of graduates, comprising 41 consultants, have already begun to ripple their knowledge into their local startup ecosystems.

On the left: a heat Map of Participating Countries; On the right: the certificate issued to qualified consultants after completing the course

Success Stories and the Road Ahead

Diane Paula Mushimiyimana, a proud alumnus and CEO and co-founder of CollatED Lab Africa, has seamlessly integrated German market insights into her offerings. The result is overwhelming interest from her clientele. Aline’s proactive approach led her to host a career fair at Mount Kenya University, shedding light on the myriad opportunities in Germany.

Photo of Alumna Diane Paula (left). Photo of Career Fair Flyer organised by Diane Paula(right)

What’s on the horizon?

Looking to the horizon, StArfrica has its eyes set on diversifying its course participant base, with a keen focus on attracting more female candidates. Leveraging its growing alumni network, the programme plans to broaden its African footprint through a satellite model. Efforts are underway to mould alumni into StArfrica ambassadors, championing the cause in their communities. Some KTTOs are already on board, aiding in pivotal roles such as coaching and scouting promising ideas to be streamlined through the EXIST idea accelerator initiative. Furthermore, this robust network will be pivotal in smoothing the path for German startups and companies eager to explore African markets.

Funding Notes

Funded generously by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs (BMWK), this course is free. However, applicants undergo a thorough selection process to ensure we cultivate a community of passionate learners.


Materne Mateso Lumiere

Course Coordinator


Bridging Continents: StArfrica’s E-Learning Certificate for Germany-Africa Startup Consultants

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