#1 StArfrica x Particulate Solutions

Our guest today is Stefan Pandorf, a German entrepreneur and founder of Particulate Solutions GmbH, based in Koblenz – Germany.

Particulate offers digital solutions for entrepreneurial engagement. Organizations of all sizes – from corporations to NPOs – rely on their technology and expertise to easily implement, digitally map, and effectively communicate social engagement.

Learn more about Stefan´s founding story, what Particulate is all about and how he became successfull in Germany!

“The pursuit of profit alone is no longer enough today. Customer loyalty, reach and turnover; these are all important issues for companies. But if you also succeed in doing something good with these things, then you achieve something new. That’s when you take a step forward as a company. We help to take that step.”


  • Welcome note & Intro StArfrica(Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch)
  • All about Particulate Solutions GmbH & how to start and grow a business in Germany(Stefan Pandorf)
  • Discussion(Stefan Pandorf & Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch)
  • Q&A(Stefan Pandorf & Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch)

Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/0tnQxVWKZqoIhX6u2ZkxWC

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9nPpK5igk4&t=829s

Recording: StArfrica lunch-impulse with Stefan Pandorf (Particulate Solutions) #1

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