#2 StArfrica x GuraRide Rwanda

Our guest of the today´s StArfrica lunch-impulse is Tony B. Adesina – a serial entrepreneur and on the way to sustainably changing mobility in Rwanda! Among other startups, he is the founder of GuraRide Rwanda, a publik bike-sharing transport system that focuses on the micro-mobility in Africa. You want to gain hands-on knowledge from an African entrepreneur? Then enjoy the lunch with Tony B. Adesina!

Video-Recording of the lunch-impulse

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Recording: StArfrica lunch-impulse with Tony B. Adesina (GuraRide Rwanda) #2

2 thoughts on “Recording: StArfrica lunch-impulse with Tony B. Adesina (GuraRide Rwanda) #2

  • 17. September 2021 at 12:33

    Good afternoon,
    I started a small bicycle share system in Banda Kampala Uganda connecting University students to and from the University.
    We now wish to expand our services to Kampala central business area, and to other universities especially around Kampala.
    I thus seek for your mentaship trainings and partnership support if you can.
    Kindly extend your trainings to us and partner with us in extending bicycle share to the Universities and Kampala central business centre.
    Thanks for your positive rensponse.

    • 4. October 2021 at 12:24

      Hi Mumbere Robert,
      Thanks for your message! Please contact us through: info@starfrica.de
      Best regards
      The StArfrica Team


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